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Every Decision Counts: 8 Lesson's I wish they taught me in school


Growing up we moved every two years. I went to 8 schools before finishing high school. I can still remember when I was the chubby 12 year old who couldn't dribble or fit in. As time went on, I learned more about myself.

It happened through learning to not be afraid to make my own mistakes while trying not to make the same one twice.

It came from learning how to put myself around people that made me better and eventually learned these things, there are lesson's I wish they'd taught me in school. "Every Decision Counts" Contains those 8 lessons.

Dear Parents & Educators,

Some lessons we learn from the life we probably should have learned in school. Like making mistakes, we all make them, just try not to make the same mistake twice.

Or failing, how many times did you fail to get to where you are right now? Fail = First attempt in learning. And how long did it take you to realize that your mind is like a garden? Negative thoughts are the weeds they grow by themselves, positive thoughts and actions are the flowers you have to plant, cultivate and water them.

These are lesson's that I wish were taught in school, to help me stay ahead of the curb. Every Decision counts is an opportunity for middle and high school youth to learn:

- How to turn big and small failures into a platform for success
- Understand how doing the little things right makes a big difference
- How to identify and use the skills, talents, and passion's that you already have

EDC is an SEL workbook that is aligned with CASEL's SEL competencies and National Guidance Standards. Ideal for middle and high school students grade 7 - 12 (age 12 - 18). EDC can be purchased for an individual student, child, scholar, family member. It can be read as a class for direct SEL instruction or book study. You can also use EDC as a reflection, refocus intervention tool.

The idea was to create a conversational book about real conversations we need to have with our kids but don't always know-how.